Apple Watch Review

Apple Watch Review: 6 facets Marketing Strategies are Changed By Apple Watch

Let me give a short Apple Watch Review. I’ve had it for a few days now and I love it.

With the new and amazing Apple Watch, getting anything done right from your wrist is made easy. However, will this new invention change the promotional method of marketers?

The Apple Watch that the world has been waiting for is already here. Without exaggerating, this watch is amazing, though expensive. However, people will still buy the watch even though it is not a necessity. As wearable gadgets are becoming conventional, marketers are expected to make adjustments on their marketing strategies so as to flow with the new ways that customers are engaging with this particular technology from Apple.

Some of these new marketing strategies are compatible with the smartphones of today, but technology will become more ubiquitous and integrated into the lives of people through the help of wearable of such. Before we proceed, let us highlight some brief facts about this new smartwatch from Apple in my Apple Watch Review:

It is named Apple Watch and not iWatch.

  •  There is need for a fairly new iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, or 6, for the Apple Watch to function. In addition, the iPhone must always be nearby.
  • The watch is in three versions. They are Apple Watch, Apple Sport, and Apple Edition. Apple Watch is the basic version and it price starts at $350. Apple Sport is in two sizes, and it is 30% less in weight than Apple Watch. Apple Edition is a 18-karat gold version. The prices for both Apple Edition and Apple Sport are yet to be released by the manufacturer.
  • There are built-in sensors in all models that measure running distance, heartbeat rate, and other heart health parameters.
  • Near Field Communication (NFC) permit wireless payments through Apple Pay, the wireless payment system of Apple.
  • The watch will be made available for sale in early 2015.

Lets review Apple Watch. Since you’ve now known what this new device is all about, let us discuss about the five ways through which Apple Watch will change the way to you promote or market your product or service.

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1. Apps for Apple Watch 

Very soon, marketers definitely have to figure out ways to promote their Android and iPhone apps, and ways to get users to download the apps on their smartwatch. Developers may be tempted to attempt porting existing phone apps to the Apple Watch, but this must be done with care. The watch has new functionality such as health sensors, NFC, and the likes.

This device needs an iPhone to be nearby before it can work; hence marketers are expected to extend their mobile apps to Apple Watch. The iPhone can be used for typing, reading, or watching video, while Apple Watch app plays music, receive notifications, and it accepts short, pre-selected input from it user.

Ultimately, your smartwatch and smartphone apps will become partner apps, and they should be marketed or promoted as companion or partner apps. So, new paid search ads, TV ads, in-app cross-promotion, website call-outs, and updates to any marketing tool capable of promoting your current mobile apps should recognize the importance of your smartwatch app too.

With near field capabilities make huge or small payments from your wrist.

2. Payments with Apple Watch 

Retailers that haven’t upgraded their payment systems to accept NFC payments should be ready to experience the ditching of credit cards by young customers in favor of arm-waving checkouts. Just like iPhone, Apple Watch has a Passbook application that allows users to store payment information, tickets, coupons, loyalty cards, and boarding passes.

So, marketers can make the most on this by advertising on their retail store windows using statement like, “Apple Pay is Accepted Here.” This will flow into your TV adverts, to display customers checking out with smartwatches and traditional credit cards, proofing the power of the smartwatch to them.

3. Social Media with Apple watch 

It is very clear that target users of Apple for its watches are also the consumers of the contents of social media. Even though it is hard to believe that the consumption rate of social media content could rise, it is safe to say that, having access to Facebook and Twitter right from your wrist will result to more socialization. And of course read full email messages as well as text messages on your wrist

For knowledgeable marketers to exploit these future trends, they should create content personalized explicitly for small screens devices. That is to say, simple communications such as pictures and status updates are more engaging than articles, website links, and videos. The aim of marketing using social media is to get enough retweets, likes, and +1’s through short and comprehensive content.

It is going to be hard for users of Apple Watch to leave comments on social media content; hence there is need for you to adjust your social media strategy.

4. Geofencing/iBeacons with Apple watch 

Every progressive marketer will be happy to know that developers of Apple Watch apps are capable of creating undetectable geofences that detects when a user of Apple Watch is nearby. Now visualize the advantage of this to retailers and food vendors who want to notify users passing by their business place.

Mobile phones already have this particular functionality, but there is would be an intimate contact when a notification can use haptic feedback to virtually tap a user on his or her wrist to draw such user’s attention.

Your shopping experience could be improved by seeing stores that have the largest inventory or newest products, or the ones that have the best deals and offers as you pass through the shopping mall. Take for instance, it is your lunchtime, and you and a friend decide to walk down the street while contemplating on what to take for lunch. All of a sudden you’re alerted by your watch that there is a 20% discount offer and it’s expiring in 20 minutes at the restaurant you’re walking by. You have to accept that it the responsibility of customers to decide if an offer is good for them or it is not. Health and Activity Tracking

5. Healthy Lifestyles with Apple watch 

Virtually every company supports living a healthy lifestyle. Even if your business is damaging to healthy living, you still want to give an impression that you care about your customers’ health. It is a nice move to work this health angle into your business marketing or promoting efforts.

For instance, say “Product X is concerned about your health, and we’re taking a 15% discount off your next purchase of our product if you’ve exercised today. All we need from you to enjoy this offer is your Apple Watch results.

6. Personal Style with Apple watch 

Having tried every style, size and color/material band Apple Watch, each and every individual will be satisfied by the various and almost infinite combinations that one can choose with the various styles.

And…even a $17,000 rose gold bezel version with leather band. I’m happy with the black rubber band basic style Apple Watch. How much is the first version of iPod, iPhone, etc. not a good investment for future return, but great investment in efficient living of life in the Apple’sphere.

Thanks for reading my Apple Watch Review!

Paul Leo Klink Copyright © 2015 R/W

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I want to send my many thanks to Jesus Garcia for the no holds barred backstage tour of Sea Life Park Hawaii on March 19th. Paul and I were able to get up close and personal with two of the main attractions at the park and I was even fortunate enough to be able to give commands to the 5 year old, who is still in training.

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Hawaii Reise Tipps

He created the Daniels Hawaii Reise Tipps Facebook Page, where he answers questions and give insider tips about Hawaii. In March 2015 Daniel decided to create his own website with videos that show things to do in Hawaii.

The website is for Germans that want to travel to Hawaii. The videos are in German. If you understand German and like to find out more about Hawaii, visit his Hawaii Reise Tipps Website.

He has videos of Hans Hedeman surf school in Waikiki. Where you can learn how to surf. He shows you secret spots in Hawaii that tourists normally don’t find – like the Lava Tubes on Oahu. Daniel also explains how to tip at a restaurant in the USA. There are a lot more great tips that will help you to make your Hawaii Vacation a dream holiday!

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Hawaii Five-0 debuted on CBS, the same network that aired the original version. Like the original version, it follows an elite state police unit/task force set up to fight crime in the state of Hawaii. It premiered on Monday, September 20, 2010, 42 years to the day from the premiere of the original show.

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The ukulele was brought to the islands in 1878, by a Portugese immigrant.


The instrument he played was called “braginho,” the Portuguese name for the four-string instrument, the natives renamed it “ukulele,” the Hawaiian reference to the flea suggested by the jumping motion of the hand in strumming.

Since then the ukulele and the hula have been inseparable, and it has become the symbol of Hawaii to people all over the world.

In 1916, Samuel K. Kamaka, then a young man, who had returned from his travels on the mainland as a musician, joined with friends in making ukuleles for personal use. This gave rise to his first and only business venture which he started in his home in Kaimuki…”

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