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Hawaii Vacation Rentals, Houses & Condos

Are you looking for your Hawaii Vacation Rental? Hawaiian.com can help you with that! Find houses or condos for rent on Oahu, in Hawaii. Like to rent a house on the North Shore? Want to rent a condo in Waikiki? We have great Hawaii Vacation Rentals, houses and condos!

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Fighter Jets escorting a Jetliner into Honolulu International Airport!

Fighter Jets escorting a Jetliner into Honolulu International Airport!

Here in Hawaii while being driven from Waikiki to downtown Honolulu in an UBER I noticed a huge jetliner being escorted by two fighter jets. I immediately started filming form the back seat for Hawaiian.com. After further research by television station FOX KHON2 News (who also featured this video) it was found that it is our military doing anti-terrorism practice.

US Military remaining well trained and vigilant to protect us all. I can share that my first impression was utter shock thinking it was a commercial airline being escorted due to a huge emergency like a terrorist. It was very heartening to find out that it was a military exercise.

Thank you to all those who have served and serve in our military to protect freedom at home and abroad. Mahalo from our Hawaiian.com Ohana and we’re so glad it wasn’t an airline!

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Hawaii Reise Tipps

Hawaii Reise Tipps – German Video Travel Website about Hawaii

Hawaii Reise Tipps (www.HawaiiReiseTipps.de) is a German Videoblog by Daniel Hildebrandt. He created the Videoblog in 2014, one and a half year after he moved from Cologne in Germany to Hawaii. Daniel created the Hawaii Video Blog because more and more of his friends and friends of his friends contacted him with questions about Hawaii via email and Facebook.

Hawaii Reise Tipps

He created the Daniels Hawaii Reise Tipps Facebook Page, where he answers questions and give insider tips about Hawaii. In March 2015 Daniel decided to create his own website with videos that show things to do in Hawaii.

The website is for Germans that want to travel to Hawaii. The videos are in German. If you understand German and like to find out more about Hawaii, visit his Hawaii Reise Tipps Website.

He has videos of Hans Hedeman surf school in Waikiki. Where you can learn how to surf. He shows you secret spots in Hawaii that tourists normally don’t find – like the Lava Tubes on Oahu. Daniel also explains how to tip at a restaurant in the USA. There are a lot more great tips that will help you to make your Hawaii Vacation a dream holiday!

Check out Hawaii Reise Tipps!

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LUX Party at Trump Hotel Oahu

Hawaiian Events – LUX at The TRUMP Hawaii, White Casino Royale Party

The biggest event of the year! Party at the Trump Hawaii! It’s an ALL WHITE NIGHT! Paul Klink is inviting you guys to party with him at the TRUMP in Hawaii on Oahu. Be part of one of the best events of the year and get your tickets for the LUX at the TRUMP White Casino Royale Party today!


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Hawaii five-o tv show

Hawaii Five-0 Music

Hawaii Five-0 is the number one TV Show in the US. Check out the playlist we made just for you. The best songs of the TV Show Hawaii Five-0. The CBS Show is an American police procedural drama television series and a remake of the original 1968–80 television series.

Hawaii Five-0 debuted on CBS, the same network that aired the original version. Like the original version, it follows an elite state police unit/task force set up to fight crime in the state of Hawaii. It premiered on Monday, September 20, 2010, 42 years to the day from the premiere of the original show.

You want to listen to the music from the TV Show Hawaii five-0?
Check out our playlist!

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Hawaiian Music – Ukulele and Hula

Hawaiian music, ukulele and Hula. It all goes together. But there were times when it was forbidden to Hula and even to speak hawaiian. Most of us associate hawaiian music with vacation, beach, palm trees and coconuts. But hula is way more than that. Every movement has its meaning and hula tells a story.

The ukulele was brought to the islands in 1878, by a Portugese immigrant.


The instrument he played was called “braginho,” the Portuguese name for the four-string instrument, the natives renamed it “ukulele,” the Hawaiian reference to the flea suggested by the jumping motion of the hand in strumming.

Since then the ukulele and the hula have been inseparable, and it has become the symbol of Hawaii to people all over the world.

In 1916, Samuel K. Kamaka, then a young man, who had returned from his travels on the mainland as a musician, joined with friends in making ukuleles for personal use. This gave rise to his first and only business venture which he started in his home in Kaimuki…”

Feel free to listen to our playlist with hawaiian music! Enjoy and Aloha!

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live aloha poem

Aloha Poem – Poem from Hawaii

I’ve sailed from here to Molokai,
fished the Kona coast.
But the laughter in the air,
is what I love the most.

The sound of gentle breezes,
the rhythm of the waves.
I could walk this beach forever,
and dream my life away.

I’ve felt the seven pools of wonders kiss,
and I can’t believe there’s anything as beautiful as this.
In paradise,
and Hawaiian eyes.

The spirit of our native land,
God has heard our prayers.
And blessed us with the beauty,
with the magic in the air.

The surf across the water,
the sounds of slide guitar.
When the dancers do their dance of love,
then we know who we are.

A people only seeking natures best.
One place on the planet,
where the sands of time have blessed.
In Paradise and in your Hawaiian eyes.

Live Aloha!

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uli uli hawaii dance rattle

Hula in Hawaii – History of Hula

The history of Hula in Hawaii: Ke `Uli`uli

Hula dancers use many diffent implements in their art. This `uli`uli, a type of dance rattle, is in a style popular during the monarchy era. It uses a coconut shell base, which was comon before the introduction of the la`amia (Spanish Tree Gourd). The lauhala handle is lashed with `aha (coconut senit). In ancient times stones were used in the rattle, but the shot-like seeds of the introduced ali`ipoe (cana lily) were prefered by King Kalakaua’s day. The iridescent tail feathers of the moa kane (rooster) were a popular decorative item. Prior to the arrival of Capt. Cook, tapa was not much used on the `uli`uli. They were decorated with simple pompons made from the excess leaf used in the handles, with the pelts of birds, or more elaborately, by tying feathers to a flat disk fashioned of the upper part of the leaf handle and `ie`ie vine.

After contact with European culture, however, “artificial pelts” came into vogue and native or imported feathers often were sewn to tapa and then attached to the instrument.

In ancient times and into the monarchy period, the `uli`uli was generally used as a single instrument. After the beginning of the 20th century, however, using two `uli`uli became popular.

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Hula in Hawaii

Hula today – The history of Hula

Learn more about Hula today!

Today, there are many halau hula which carry on the tradition. They continue to teach ancient dances, the origins of which are known only to Hi`iaka and her sisters. They teach hula written during the romantic days of the Hawaiian Monarchy. They teach the hapa-haole dances of territorial days. They teach new hula, currently being written today. And, they are teaching those who will be the teachers of tomorrow.

To learn more about the hula, contact Ka Hui Pa`ahana Hawaiian Culture and Arts Study Group at music@ilHawaii.net. Classes are held in Hilo and Kona. For educational materials on the hula, contact Yuen Media Services at yuen@ilhawaii.net.

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