Oahu Circle Island Tour – Special Guests from Australia on Oahu


Oahu Circle Island Tour with Australians

The Oahu Circle Island Tour with 4 Australian ladies made it official! I am in love with Australians. The ladies were only on Oahu for about 12 hours. I was very fortunate that they picked me to take them around the Island of Oahu and show them the best spots on Oahu.

I want to thank you ladies for a great time, lots of sarcasm and a GREAT tip – yes, they are Australians and they tipped. 🙂

We started our tour… with traffic, coming from the airport going to Waikiki, where the official start of our Oahu Circle Island Tour is.

Sightseeing Tour in Waikiki

We passed by some of the spots where Godzilla was filmed in Waikiki. After we passed the international marketplace, we drove by the Duke Kahanamoku Statue in Waikiki and my Australian friends learned why Duke Kahanamoku is so important to the Hawaiians.

He won numerous medals swimming for the Olympic team and Duke Kahanamoku is the only surfer that met both, the Queen and JFK. He travelled the world spreading the ALOHA and showing people how to surf.

Australians get leid on Oahu Circle Island Tour
Australians get leid on Oahu Circle Island Tour

Our next stop was the World War II Memorial at Kaimana Beach, where my four tour guests “got leid”. A Hawaiian tradition is to give a person a Lei, to welcome them to the island.

Unfortunately the World War II Memorial public pool has been closed for a while now. The concrete couldn’t hold up against the salt water. There are new plans for the spot next to Kaimana beach, so make sure to visit the World War II Memorial as long as you still can.

Since we only drove through Waikiki and didn’t stop I was asked to go back so the ladies can take some pictures of Waikiki beach. Of course we went back, got out of the car and the ladies had a chance to take some pictures at the beach, with Police Cars and I was able to arrange a little photo shoot with a police officer.

Our next stop was Diamond Head lookout. We all enjoyed the view down on the ocean and the beach and took in some sun, before we headed to the next custom stop – a little breakfast café.

While I thought we were only getting something to go and waited outside, my 4 Australian friends had a different idea. After 20 minutes one of them checked on me in the parking lot and asked me if I didn’t want to come in. The ladies found a table and had a nice little sit down breakfast with coffee and all kinds of good food. Good for them, since all they had the last 15 hours was airline food.

After a while everybody was back in the car and we went to our next stop.

Hawaii Five-0 and Chinese Mafia

The Oahu Circle Island Tour lead us to the Hawaiian Film Studios, where the Hawaii Five-0 castings are. Hawaii five-0 is one of the most popular TV Shows in the US and even in Europe. If you’re a fan of Hawaii Five-0 and the Hawaii Five-0 Music you can download the music that’s used in the TV show here. It turned out… none of us is a huge fan…

Now we went to Kahala where the Chinese Mafia had some houses in Hawaii. Sounds crazy right? But there are some connections. Kahala is one of the most expensive neighborhoods on Oahu, but there was a time when property prices dropped due to a mobster who was mad at the people in the neighborhood…

Oahu Eastside – Halona Blowhole and Hawaii Kai

On our way to the Eastside of the island we passed by Koko Head and Hanauma Bay on Oahu. Our next unofficial stop at the Koko Head Lookout so everybody was able to take some pictures of beautiful Hawaii Kai and Diamond Head.

Next Stop Halona Blowhole. Unfortunately there were almost no waves, which means the Halona Blowhole didn’t blow. Sorry guys!

We passed Sandy Beach, one of the most dangerous beaches on Oahu and stopped at Makapu’u Lookout. During whale season this is a great place to spot whales jumping. Makapu’u Beach is also one of the most beautiful beaches on Oahu. We didn’t spot any whales that day, but the view off of the lookout was amazing.

Oahu Circle Island Tour at Makapuu and Rabbit Island
Oahu Circle Island Tour at Makapuu and Rabbit Island

I told my Australian friends about Rabbit Island, which you can see from the Makapuu Lookout. For all Australians that will be on my tour in the future, this is now the Lion Island. The ladies said that the little island looks more like a lion and that they don’t believe my Rabbit Island story. We agreed that they raised lions instead of rabbits on the island back in the day. I am glad I got that right now… 😉

We passed by Adam Sandler’s employer in “50 first dates” – Sea Life Park Hawaii, which is close to Waimanalo Beach Park. Waimanalo is one of the Top Beaches on Oahu and voted the best beach in the US. Waimanalo was our next unofficial stop on the tour. I wanted the ladies to get their feet in the water and enjoy the beauty of Waimanalo Beach. I’m just glad they didn’t bring towels and a picnic basket… we would probably still be sitting there talking story and making up new facts about the Hawaiian history.

North Shore Oahu – starting with the Byodo Temple

Byodo Bell at Byodo Temple Oahu
Byodo Bell at Byodo Temple Oahu

Our next stop on the Oahu Circle Island Tour was the Byodo Temple on Oahu. A quiet place to relax… if there wasn’t the giant bell that everybody hits before they enter the temple. Hit the bell before entering the temple and it will bring peace and love to your family. The Byodo Temple was build to honor the Japanese that came to Hawaii more than 100 years ago.


The Oahu Circle Island Tour took Amanda, Alesha, Patricia and Victoria along the beautiful coastline of Oahu, all the way up to the North Shore. On our way up there we stopped at the Macadamia Nut Farm on Oahu for free coffee and free Macadamia Nut samples.

At Chinamans Hat we took for pictures and took in the beautiful scenery with the mountains on one side and the ocean on the other. Parts of Jurassic Park were filmed up here on the Kualoa Ranch. On a calm day and low tide it is possible to walk all the way over to Chinamans Hat. There is a small little beach that is quiet and peaceful. My new Australian friends agreed that it really looks like a Chinamans hat, so no change of story there.

Laie Point was a nice stop on our way to the North Shore of Oahu. You can feel and hear the power of the waves as they crash into the rocks there. We relaxed for a little bit before we drove to the little Hippie Town.

Hippie Town Oahu Circle Island Tour
Hippie Town Oahu Circle Island Tour

In Hippie Town the ladies enjoyed the company of Marc and his wife. They have a gallery that features local artists. Somebody in the family got a nice present from there. If you want to bring home a special and unique souvenir, this is where you have to go! There are two great shops that sell Hawaiian souvenirs and art. Beautiful!

„Eddie Would Go“ – A lot of cars have those stickers on the bumper. Eddie Aikau was a famous Hawaiian surfer. But he was way more than that. He was a lifeguard at Waimea Beach and saved hundreds of life. The Eddie Aikau Big Wave Surf Contest at Waimea Bay was started in 1985 and was only held 7 times so far. It only happens if the waves are at least 30 feet high. Here is what happens if you don’t make it into the wave at the Eddie Aikau Surf Contest… The story of Eddie Aikau is one of my favorites. Unfortunately there were little chicken running around so nobody gave a crap about the story 🙂

Waimea Bay Chicken Oahu Circle Island Tour
Waimea Bay Chicken Oahu Circle Island Tour

Lunch in Haleiwa and back to Honolulu Airport

We stopped in Haleiwa to have lunch. Probably the latest lunch I’ve ever had on any of my Oahu Circle Island Tour after all the extra stops we made. We enjoyed each others company and I learned a little bit about my great guests from Australia. Thanks for lunch!

We didn’t get to enjoy the Dole plantation because we were to late and they were about to close. Nevermind, it’s not that spectacular anyways. We will stop there next time.

On our way back to the airport my guests went crazy in the back of the tour van. Singing, chatting and BS’ing, making fun of me and just being silly before the next long plane ride on their way to a wedding in Canada – I loved it!

My dear Australian friends. I had a blast and I hope so did you. You’ve seen all the important spots on Oahu and learned some secrets about the islands… and came up with some new ones.

Thanks for choosing my Oahu Circle Island Tour. I would be happy to take you around again.


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